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I study in a college now, before I went to college, I spent a lot of time to figure out which major should I choose. After considering many factors, I choose English as my major. Now I have studied English for two years, I enjoy learning it a lot, I feel so lucky that I make the right choice.


I like to watch movie, learning English can make me enjoy the movie much better. When I was in middle school, I like to watch the foreign movie on the TV, at that time, the movie I watched was in Chinese voice. Now I have learned that the original voice is more expressive, such as when I read the English novel. I would read in Chinese edition before, like Harry Potter, I would feel easy to understand. Now I started to read in English, I find the original words are more profound, while when they are translated in Chinese, words become not that expressive. Due to my major, I can better understand the English novel and movie, I also learn a speak skill.


I never regret I choose English as my major, I feel lucky that I make the right choice. I love English, at the same time, learning English helps me enjoy my hobby better.



As the new year close, it is a big new for Chinese tennis fans that Li Na comes to the final of Australian Open! It is the third time she has done this, what a honorable thing. Li Na is more than 30, it is old age for a player, but she makes her legend. Some people frustrates their older age, they think it is age that stops them from succeeding. I would say age is the excuse.


When people are young, they think it is the good time for them to achieve their dreams, they are so fearless to do what they want. People don’t be afraid of failing, because they are so young, so they can have chances to restart. With the older age, people feel they must be stable, they can’t be lose, because old age means hard to restart. So the age is related with success, the younger, the easy to succeed. That’s ridiculous, age is not the factor that stops people from succeeding, only their mind does. We can succeed if we keep on, no matter how old we are.


We have seen many examples of old people to get succeed, don’t let the age be your excuse. We can make it.



Many years ago, when students were having class, the teaching method is not various, teachers only wrote down the words on the blackboard, if the students want to hear some examples, the teachers could say in word, letting the students imagine. But now, as the technology develops, most classrooms are equipped with muti-media, there are many advantages.


With the muti-media in the class, it can enhance students’ interests. Unlike the traditional teaching method, students only watch the blackboard or just listen to the teachers, muti-media provides students video and moving pictures, they won’t feel bored or sleepy, which helps the students better listen to the class. Second, as the class becomes active, students will learn with happy mood, muti-media makes the classroom more fun, which might be a significant factor in motivating the students. Third, by using different equipments, teachers can carter to the students with different teaching style. Sometimes keeping the same teaching method is not good for all students, different students need different way to learn.


Meti-media is developing fast now, even in the small village, the school is using it. Using different equipment to teach student is a good way to improve teaching method. Meti-media will be appeared in all the class.




大学英语作文范文篇1:Migrant Workers- Constructors of Our Cities

Nowadays more and more migrant workers or peasant workers have poured into the cities. This trend has merits and demerits for the economic development of present China. Please write an essay and give a comprehensive analysis of the impacts migrant workers have had and will have on various aspects of people’s life, in urban areas as well as in rural areas.

With the reform and opening-up policy being implemented, our national economy is developing rapidly and the living standard of average Chinese people is ameliorated step by step, especially in big cities. However, in some rural areas, the living standard of some peasants is rather low. Due to the scarcity of arable land, the surplus laborers have to go out of the poor rural areas and flood into some cosmopolises to make a living, or earn as a prodigious amount of money as they could, so as to realize their dream of becoming wealthy. With more and more migrant workers like these streaming into the cities, there is an ambivalent feeling towards them.

No one denies the important contribution that rural workers have made to the economic development of present China. They have done most of dirty, dangerous and underpaid jobs in heavy instries, construction sites and other fields that city residents are unwilling to enter into. Meanwhile, some rural workers with higher ecation certification do their best in high-technology areas. Therefore, they have become an indispensable part of urban life to a point where the machine of a city cannot operate without those cogs, however small and unnoticed.

Furthermore, these migrant workers earn money with their own hand. With this money, they can pay for their children’s ecation, improve their living condition, and sometimes support their helpless parents back at home. This serves as a means to narrow the gap between urban and rural life.

However, there are some people who maintain that rural people should stay at their hometown. Those people complain that migrant workers have threatened to take the already scarce urban jobs, while many more rural ones are waiting for a chance to compete for employment. Those with anti-migrant attitude also blame them for the sharp rise in the crime rate in the cities. For example, we sometimes see thieves from the countryside who slip their hands into others’ bags. Also because the shelters where the workers dwell are dirty and stink, they have defaced the city’s image in some way. Besides, with the floating population increasing, the extra consumption of electricity, water, and other resources like public facilities adds to the city’s already heavy burden.

Despite the problems posed by migrants, I think, one thing is certain: a grand, prosperous edifice of our country is based on the work of millions of migrant workers and peasant workers. We need them and should give them more preferential conditions. At the same time, to ecate

them to conform to the basic moral values and to observe the laws becomes urgent. Once their consciousness enhanced, they can bring us a better city life.

大学英语作文范文篇2:Electronic Dictionaries or Traditional Paper Ones

Nowadays more and more electronic gadgets emerge, among which various kinds of electronic dictionary is not the least uncommon. Rarely can you find a student who does not have an E-dictionary tucked somewhere in his schoolbag. They are popular with students partly because they are small and light-weighted compared with the traditional paper dictionaries and partly because students cannot only look up a word for the meaning but also hear its pronunciation. A useful tool for students it is also a good companion for a person constantly on the go/move. A multi-functional E-dictionary is simply a must because it serves the owner in many other ways, such as keeping name cards, being used as a calculator, and even playing games on it.

However, still other people hold that the traditional paper dictionaries are more advantageous in some circumstances. Although the letters are usually very tiny and thus in need of a good eyesight for this kind of dictionaries, the explanation of a word, plus its usage and collocation, are nonetheless more detailed,and more illustrations are provided. While it is true that the paper dictionary is heavy and awkward to carry along, an E-dictionary can run out of power or battery at any time.

In spite of their similar functions, the electronic and paper dictionaries are in striking contrast with each other both in physical looking and their contents. However, there is no such thing as good one or bad one. As far as I am concerned, I always pocket an E-dictionary wherever I go. On bus or on the roads you can see me referring to it now and then. But at home I always turn to my heavy but voluminous paper dictionary from which I can not only get the meaning of a new word, but also all its origin, usage and collocation with phrases or sentences going with them.

大学英语作文范文篇3: Living with grandparents,out of date

For thousands of years, Chinese people have valued the large family with three, four, or even

five generations living under the same roof. In this way of life, the older generation can enjoy a happy and easy late life with their children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren growing up beside them and keeping them from being lonely. At the same time they help to take care of the household and younger ones, while allowing the sons or daughters to concentrate on their career and to make a name for themselves, and ultimately for the family. When they are quite old and in need of support, their sons and grandsons, in turn, can look after them until their last day. Another important role the older generation plays is that they pass on good virtues, offer advice and impart experience to the younger generations. As a Chinese saying goes, “An elderly in a house, a treasure in stock”.

However, as the society advances and people enjoy a more comfortable life, the big families are disappearing/disintegrating . Along with the growth of so-called “empty nestles”, which means the young birds have flown away and only the old are left alone, young parents are living with their own nuclear families. It goes without saying that the collapse of big families and prevalence of smaller ones are the result of our times.

It is a time when people think highly of indivial freedom and happiness. Young people like to have a space all alone to themselves. Even the elderly people would like to live separately from their children to enjoy a quieter and more peaceful life, taking the view that having reared many children, they have no obligations to nurture the third generation. Likewise, young parents, living in their own house, have their own way to ecate their child, free from the worry that the grandpa or grandma would spoil their grandson. At weekend or on holidays they would make a point of visiting their parents, bringing the child along. After a happy reunion of the family now and then, every member cannot wait for the next one. This arrangement not only shuns the unavoidable conflicts between generations but also becomes a sweet memory.

With the progress of the society, problems of old age and childcare have been socialized graally. Senior citizens can live together and be taken good care of by specialized nurses. Childcare center also provides good service for small children. All these free the young people from unnecessary burden and thus they can work well and make greater contributions to the society in the end.

Therefore, I have every reason to believe that this trend of families in reced size is agreeable to our times. To create a brighter future, we should do our best to build our society into one in which every member lives healthily and harmoniously.

大学英语作文范文篇4:Job Discrimination against Women in China

Nowadays, more and more women have walked out of kitchen and become career women

instead of housewives. With the increase in the employment ratio of women in society, some subtle forms of job discrimination do exist.

To begin with, quite a lot of companies, if employing women at all, intentionally control the number of female employees when they advertise for staff in the newspaper. Therefore, it is rather difficult for women, even with a master degree, to get well-paid jobs. Some enterprises definitely refuse female applicants, either to avoid their maternity leaves stipulated by our government when they give birth to a child, or because of the employers’ prejudice against women. Some bosses think women are inferior to men in professional skill and spirit of enterprise. They argue that before marriage, women pay their attention to fashionable dresses and various cosmetics, and after marriage, their minds dwell on nothing but the comforts of life, baby-care and housework. Consequently, they hire very limited number of female employees or do not recruit any at all.

Some companies do employ women staff, but inequality is always there like an inerasable speck. Even when men and women are in the same position doing the same job, it is no easy task for a woman to be promoted or get equal pay. The employers take the biased attitude toward female employees, and usually think that a man is more capable than a woman. Sometimes they fire a woman without any good reason. Worse still, some women even complain about their supervisor’s sexual harassment ring work time. If they do not succumb to their superior’s demand, their career may suffer.

In China, there is a saying “Women hold half of the sky”. But women are not given enough respect they deserve in their career as it is now. Since men and women are together playing the same important role in our whole society, our government, as well as the society, should take efficient measures to provide the same job opportunities to women. And the women themselves should enhance their work ethic and awareness of self-reliance and self-protection. In this way, more and more women can be motivated to work well at their favourite job and promoted to their desirable positions. Only in this way, can our society be called an equal, open and just one for everyone.

大学英语作文范文篇5:A course that has impressed you most in college

There are many courses in each college year. But the course which impressed me most in college is Advanced English Audio-Visual & Speaking. The reasons why I like this course are as follows.

The first reason is that I have learnt a lot from this course. My listening ability, speaking ability as well as translation ability has improved greatly after taking this course. The second reason is that I like the teacher of this course, Mr. Qin, very much. He is a charming gentleman with great patience. His oral English is perfect, sounding like American speakers. He treated us very strict but we still like him extremely.

Just as the proverb goes, “A strict teacher proces outstanding students.” Thanks to Mr. Qin’s guidance and teachings in this course, all my classmates have made great progress in English learning.

大学英语作文范文篇6:The Most Beneficial Activity in My Campus

It is well known that university is greatly different from high school mainly e to that university will hold a large number of activities, which benefits college students a lot. From my perspective, the most beneficial one is “Long-distance Running for Love” organized by the Students Union when I am a freshman. The money collected by this activity is contributed to Project Hope.

It is really my honor to participate the long running, because it benefits me greatly not only in body but also in mind. To begin with, the activity reminds me of the great importance of physical health. Before I go to college, I only focus on academic achievements while the physical health misses my attention. But, the long-running tells me in time th

at a sound mind lies in a sound body. Additionally, ring my participation in this activity, I am informed well that there are still many children in rural areas who have to drop out of school because of impoverished families. Thus, for one thing, I fully realize the great importance of helping them fulfill their dreams. For another thing, I cherish the opportunity to study in university more, for when compared with those children in poverty-stricken areas, we should harbor a grateful heart.

By and large, although I have taken part in many campus activities, I deem the long running for love most beneficial to me. And I am looking forward to that more wonderful and meaningful activities will be held in our campus.

大学英语作文范文篇7:The Most Impressive Classmate in My College

Without question, Lisa is the person who has influenced my college life most. She is my classmate, who always leaves a deep impression on you by demonstrating her passion for life and the spirit of never yielding, even in the face of extreme challenges. She is the most courageous person I have ever known.

During my college years, it is Lisa that kept teaching me how to live through setbacks in the life journey. I’ll never forget that when I failed in my English examination and I felt overwhelmed, Lisa taught me that failure teaches success, everyone had to persevere and face up to innumerable setbacks, as long as I face my problems bravely, I would create my own wonderful life . With her help , I finally gained the confidence and passed the exam.

Thanks to Lisa, I have learned the importance of courage, which is the indispensable characteristic in my life. She also let me know the importance of confidence. It means a lot to me and still in my head till this day.

大学英语作文范文篇8:On Open Policy

The open policy means that our country is open to investment, trade and technical and economic cooperation with other countries on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. The purpose of open policy is to acquire advanced technology, management skills to serve our socialist construction so as to promote the realization of the four modernizations.

We must adhere to the open policy. Because economic relations between states today have become increasingly close, and no country can possibly advance behind close doors. Only in this way, can we graally close the gap between our country and the developed countries.

Through the implementation of policy, we can learn advanced technology and managerial expertise from abroad; make full use of the foreign capitals to set up great enterprises; absorb useful and healthy ideas and new knowledge of the modern civilization; and broaden our views and raise our level of competence.

大学英语作文范文篇9:College life

Currently, students in mounting numbers pay attention to academic achievement, neglecting

campus activities, like speaking contest , song contest and its like. However, from my perspective, we youngsters should take participate in more campus activities.

I hold the notion that campus activities has lots of benefits on various fronts. At the top of the list, social activities, such as song contest could help us make more friends, expanding our

acquaintances. In addition, students would widen horizon, increase knowledge ring the period taking part in campus activities. Last but not list, just as a saying goes, “ all work and no play makes Jack a ll boy”; therefore, students’ choice to join in some school activities would ease our mind and relief our burden, which will be beneficial to the study.

In conclusion, youngsters should take part in colorful and meaningful activities at campus. Hence, I suggest schools can hold some activities to cultivate students ability, physically and


I have met so many friends in my college life. They have exerted enormous influence on my life. However, one of my most impressive friends is my roommate, Li Ming.

In the class meeting on the first day of school, Li Ming did not impress us at all. We started to notice him because he was always late for classes. We were thus impressed by his laziness. I came to know him and his situation because we were roommates and spent much time together: his

mother was seriously ill and sick abed in long-term, his father left him and his mother mercilessly. Hence, it was him that shouldered the heavy burden of taking care of his sick mother supporting the whole family. Finally, under great pressures, he balanced his life and study perfectly: he was no longer always late, took good care of his mother and even won the scholarship many years in a row.

The experience of Li Ming can be one of the most convincing cases of the power of persistence and will. He left a deep impression and imposed a rable influence on me. Indeed, friend such as him can be regarded as asset and property in our life. We have rights to choose our own friends,but we should also be prudent and sensible enough to choose friends who can bring us “positive energy”.

大学英语作文范文篇10:A Letter For Gratitude

Dear Classmates,

First of all.please allow me to say“Thank you”to an of you.It is very kind of you to spare your valuable time ring the period of final examinations and come to seeme.

Your visit has brought me much confidence and power to overcome the illness. During the first several days in hospital.I felt quite lonely,anxious and frightened.I Was almost collapsed by some pessimistic thoughts.But then you shown up,alongwith your smiling faces and warm words.Your appearance has made me feel that I am the luckiest person in this wonderful world.Now I regard the illness as nothing but a chance to harden myself.These days my

condition has obviously improved thanks to the careful treatment by the doctors and nurses.1 will probably get recovered in a couple ofweeks.I hope that I Can see you earlier.

Again.special thanks go to all of you.

Sincerely Yours,





大学英语作文 篇1

As modern technology surges,so does the number of people living in the virtual world .And I can imagine the result when more and more people prefer to live in the virtual world meets their needs rather than communicate with others in the real world.

With regard to this ,there are two different views.On the one hand,some people think that can enrich our life with its abundant resources.However,on the other hand,people hold the opposite opinion .They are worried that virtual world have too much badness information ,which exert a negative influence on themselves ,let alone children.What is more,it will do great harm to your ability of expression if you spend too much time wallowing it ,so much so that our relationships with others also will be destroyed.

Generally speaking,we need critical thought to distinguish with virtual world and real world .Meanwhile,we should cherish and enjoy our life and maintain good interpersonal relationships in the real world.

大学英语作文 篇2

Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic Frustration Ecation should be Strengthened among College Students. You should write at least 120 words, and base your composition on the outline :



Frustration Ecation should be Strengthened among College Students

College students should be guided correctly to face frustrations in life, which has been generally accepted. Frustration is inevitable ring our life, and frustration ecation should be carried out among colleges and universities. The truth of it is deep and profound.

Many remarkable examples contribute to this argument. A case in point is that there are an increasing number of college students committing suicide each year when confronted with some kind of frustration. This is close to suggest that strengthening frustration ecation allows of no delay. For another example, it seems that successful people tend to be good at dealing with frustrations. Moreover, most of the students are often annoyed and discouraged by frustrations instead of drawing lessons.

Judging from the evidence offered, we might safely draw the conclusion that frustration ecation is essential to the college students. But what is worth noting is colleges should also provide psychological service for the students while giving frustration ecation. To conclude, college students should be guided in the right path when facing setbacks in life.

大学英语作文 篇3

Recently, I heard that one of my friends wanted to change his major after one-year learning because he found that he had no interest and motivation in learning this major. From my point of view, it is not wise to change major halfway.


There are several disadvantages of changing major halfway. In the first place, changing major halfway means that we spend much time, energy and money in the last major but do not mastered the whole knowledge of that major yet. Second, changing major halfway needs a great resolution and we will face much pressure from others. Finally, changing major halfway may increase the burden of our family finance in that we need to spend another amount of money on another major. In addition, if we change our major halfway, we will lose a chance to find out our potential. Lack of persistence and willpower, we are difficult to be successful.

In short, it is not advocated that we change major halfway. Therefore, we had better take all aspects into consideration when we are choosing major so that we can avoid change major halfway. Once we choose a major, we should try our best to learn it better.


大学英语作文 篇4

There is no denying the fact that it has been a hotly debated topic whether students should attend military training in China in the past years. Opinions on this issue differ sharply. Some hold the positive view. They say that the training can not only build up students’ bodies but also temper their willpower. Besides, through the training, students can develop their team-spirit and sense of discipline.Others, however, hold the opposite view. They say that a short period of training as students are having now cannot work well in building up their bodies or strengthen their will. Instead, we should lay emphasis on their daily exercise and activities for such purpose. What’s more, a sudden increase of intense physical exercise, especially ring summer, does harm to students’ health and may even cause deaths. What happened in the past years has proved this.

Weighing the pros and cons of these arguments, I am inclined to agree with the former point of view. Military training is not only a means to strengthen student’s physique and willpower, but also an effective way to enhance their sense of national defense and foster their patriotism. Though some deaths happened ring the training, we should not give up eating for fear of choking. Besides, the deaths are perfect evidence that students need more such training. Of course, measures should be taken to ensure that the least harm is done to the trainees.

大学英语作文 篇5

One day, when I was six years old, my aunt cane to see us form Shanghai. My parents and brother happened to be out then.It was late in the afternoon. The room was a little dark. My aunt felt tired. I asked her to sit down and have a rest. "When are your daddy and mummy, my dear?" asked Aunt. " They have gone shopping and will be back in an hour. I‘ll fetch a cup of tea for you, aunty." When I went into the kitchen, a good idea came into my mind: After a ling journey my aunt must be very hungry. I‘ll give her a cup of milk instead of a cup of tea. When I opened the cupboard. I saw a bottle of ‘milk‘ powder in it. I poured a cup of the ‘milk‘ and gave it to my aunt. " Thank you very much. It‘s very kind of you," she said. " Please taste the milk. Has it enough sugar?" My aunt took a sip of the ‘milk‘ and spilt it out at once. " What is it, Ranran?" she asked in surprise. " It‘s milk," I said loudly and proudly. " But it doesn‘t taste like milk. Where did you get it?" I took Aunt into the kitchen and showed the bottle to her. Oh, it turned out to be a bottle of washing powder!In the evening my parents came back. When they heard what I did, my mother said to me with a smile, " You are great. You have learned to entertain guests without us."Several years have passed. NNow I am a middle school student. Every time my parents repeat the story, we have a good laugh over it.family

大学英语作文 篇6

The Qingming Festival or Tomb Sweeping Day is a traditional Chinese festival on the 104th day after the winter solstice, usually occurring around April 5 of the Gregorian calendar. The Qingming festival falls on the first day of the fifth solar term, named Qingming. Its name denotes a time for people to go outside and enjoy the greenery of springtime. On Qingming people go on family outings, start the spring plowing, sing, and dance. Qingming is also the time when young couples start courting. Another popular thing to do is to fly kites in the shapes of animals or characters from Chinese opera.


Qingming Festival is when Chinese people visit the graves or burial grounds of their ancestors. Traditionally, people brought a whole rooster with them to the graves visited but the occasion has become less formal over time. The Qingming Festival is an opportunity for celebrants to remember and honor their ancestors at grave sites. Young and old pray before the ancestors, sweep the tombs and offer food, tea, wine, chopsticks, joss paper accessories, and/or libations to the ancestors. Another common practice is to carry flowers instead of burning paper, incense or firecrackers.


大学英语作文 篇7


karaoke is a welcome and popular source of entertainment. people all over the world are familiar with it. it enjoys popularity in get together (聚会) and evening gala(联欢晚会). common folks (平民百姓) can simply sit in the living room and sing songs that best suit their tastes. thus it enriches people's lives in a simple but creative way.

being an inepensive and convenient source of entertainment, karaoke is of various functions. firstly, it enlarges our social circle and strengthens our bond (纽带). secondly, karaoke can remove the ban of social walls between people. thirdly, it helps channel enthusiasm (热爱) into enjoyable and instructive pastimes (消遣). the list does not stop here.

however, it can also be a nuisance. for instance, some fans sing loudly late at night, which disturbs others. for another instance, some suffer from a sore throat from ecessive practice. karaoke, in the final analysis, should be for the overall improvement of social civilization. its enring appeal should lie in the high quality of entertainment, not noise pollution.

大学英语作文 篇8

When talking about the course which impresses me the most, I will certainly choose Basic Chemical Experiment. As a student of science, I am always fascinated with the magic in test tubes, and from this course I gained more than pure knowledge.

To begin with, this course provides us opportunities to put theories into practices. The experiments helped us testify and better understand what we have learned in books. Besides, by designing experimental proceres of own, we became more flexible and innovative.

Moreover, I also developed other skills that required outside labs through this course. For example, to be focused and careful when proceeding a task, to be patient and calm when facing failures, and to communicate properly when you need someone else to cooperate. These can be very valuable assets to your life.

Basic Chemical Experiment influenced me not only on academic field but also on daily affairs, therefore it’s the most impressing course to me.





高考英语满分作文 You have a view of what you have to do 你对所聘职业的看法

面是某中外合资企业刊登在昨天China Daily上的一则招聘广告。

office secretary, with experience in book keeping, typewriting, public relations, operating pc(personal computer)

Address, age, health and ecation,A518, Charlie Office




大学生励志英文作文(一):成功 Success

Success means different things for different people. Some may equate it with fame, some with wealth and still some with accomplishments. For me, it means fulfilling one's dreams. Whatever your dreams are, you have a goal there and then focus all your attention on it. Dreams bring you hope and happiness. In the process of struggling for it, you cry, sweat, complain or even curse, but the joy of harvesting makes you forget all the pains and troubles you have gone through. So an old proverb says that the sweetest fruit is one that has undergone the bitterest ordeal.

There are several keys to success. First, your goal must be practical and practicable. If you set your goal too high, chances are that you will never attain it. Next, you have to make a plan of doing it. You can take some steps to realize it. Since the process is quite tough, you need to be diligent, patient and persevering. Even if you meet with some difficulties or frustrations, just take them in your stride. You can always tell yourself that there is nothing insurmountable. With this will and determination, success is sure to wait for you at the end of the tunnel!




大学生励志英文作文(二):真正的自我The Real Self

The only problem unconsciously assumed by all Chinese philosophers to be of any importance is: How shall we enjoy life, and who can best enjoy life? No perfectionism, no straining after the unattainable, no postulating of he unknowable; but taking poor, modal human nature as it is, how shall we organize our life so that we can woke peacefully, enre nobly and live happily?

Who are we? That is first question. It is a question almost impossible to answer. But we all agree with the busy self occupied in our daily activities is not quite the real self. We are quite sure we have lost something in the mere pursuit of living. When we watch a person running about looking for something in a field, the wise man can set a puzzle for all the spectator to solve: what has that person lost? Some one thinks is a watch; another thinks it is a diamond brooch; and others will essay other guesses. After all the guesses have failed, the wise man who really doesn't know what the person is seeking after, tells the company:" I'll tell you. He has lost some breath." And no one can deny that he is right. So we often forget our true self in the pursuit of living, like a bird forgetting its own danger in pursuit of a mantis which again forgets its own danger in pursuit of another.



我们是谁呢?这是第一个问题。这个问题几乎是无法答复的。可是我们都承认在我们曰常活动中那么忙碌的自我,并不完全是真正的自我;我们相信我们在生活的追求中已经失掉了一些东西。当我们看见一个人在一片田野里跑来跑去在寻找东西时,智者可以弄出一个难题给一切旁观者去解答:那个人失掉了什么东西呢?有的猜一只表;有的猜一支钻石胸针;其他的人则作其他的猜测。智者委实也不知道那个人在寻找什么东西;可是当大家都猜不中的时候,他会对大家说:“我告诉你们吧。他失掉了一些气息了。” 没有人会否认他的话是对的。所以我们在生活的追求中常常忘掉了真正的自我,像庄子在一个美妙的譬喻里所讲的那只鸟那样,为了要捕捉一只螳螂而忘掉自身的危险,而那只螳螂又为了要捕捉一只蝉而忘掉自身的危险。


Indeed, for a living being there is no such thing as true silence, for silence itself is a revelation of the mind and the heart, an echo of the soul of a different form.

Some people use silence as a disguise of the emptiness of the head.

Some use it as a means to depict their disorientation and melancholy.

And some use it as a way of expressing their angers and sorrows.


Silence usually is ephemeral. It reminds one of the bronze bells dangling from a pagoda's eaves; on windless days they are a decoration upon the age-weathered beauty, but with wind they give out wonderful tinkling and jingling metallurgic sounds, as if echoing age-old stories of long, long ago...

Do you not think the same of silent people?

They say that "silence is golden", but of what nature is this "gold"? It can include integrity, honesty and kindness; it can stand for indifference to and detachment from fame and fortune; but it can also act as an excuse for hypocrisy, slyness and cowardice... the glittering of gold may not necessarily be the most brilliant lustre in the world.

Can it be that permanent silence is only represented by death?

Perhaps even death cannot represent true silence, for the carrier of the soul can turn into st, so that the sincere and wise voices from the bottom of the heart will trigger long-lasting echoes in the seas of human hearts...









“沉默是金”,是怎样的一种“金”呢? 这个“金”字中,可以包含正直、善良,可以代表淡泊、超脱,也可以是虚伪、圆滑、怯懦的一种托辞……金子的光泽,未必是世界上最动人的光泽。




Very much ,ever since you were brought into this world. when you coulden't open your mouth till the first two years on planet earth, inner voice is the one through which you interpreted and understood things.

Inner voice is the voice mouth of the subconscious mind .the subconscious mind is always acting as a secondary reflector of thoughts and ideas in the body. It justifies and rationalizes what is right and what is wrong. When we go aganist what the inner voice say we get a guilty conscious and are bothered by it throughout our lives.

At times when we are feeling low or those unforgettable moments when we are let down, we seem to need some kind of emotional or mental support. We usually speak to our closest pal or our dearest family member ring times of distress to ease the burden .At such times we get over the initial drizzle of emotional anxiety and mental restlessness,because of the pepping up by our empathic listener. we suddenly feel rejuvenated because our inner voice alerts us to get on with things and leave the things of past on the memory books of our brain.

The inner voice is always right most of the times because it knows us better than others and probably even ourselves. It is the dare devil child of the intuitions which we have been having since childhood. It's good to go by intuitions most of the tims because its the response provided e to the synchronism between our mental and physical being.

Whenever you are trying your first cigarette, or whenever you are asked to take sides in an argument, you are always in a sense of dilemma. During these times your inner voice automatically gives its verdict, which when over written, might leave us unhappy in the future. It's up to us to either ignore the morale booster inside us or go out to the world and search for spiritual guru's and happiness, when all these things are very much present within us.







大学生励志英文作文(五):发挥潜力,创造无限 Extend the Miracle

My skills, my mind, my heart, and my body will stagnate, rot, and die lest I put them to good use. I have unlimited potential. Only a small portion of my brain do I employ; only a paltry amount of my muscles do I flex. A hundredfold or more can I increase my accomplishments of yesterday and this I will do, beginning today.

Nevermore will I be satisfied with yesterday's accomplishments nor will I inlge, anymore, in self-praise for deeds which in reality are too small to even acknowledge. I can accomplish far more than I have, and I will, for why should the miracle which proced me end with my birth? Why can I not extend that miracle to my deeds of today?

And I am not on this earth by chance. I am here for a purpose and that purpose is to grow into a mountain, not to shrink to a grain of sand. Henceforth will I apply all my efforts to become the highest mountain of all and I will strain my potential until it cries for mercy.

I have been given eyes to see and a mind to think and now I know a great secret of life for I perceive, at last, that all my problems, discouragements, and heartaches are, in truth, great opportunities in disguise. I will no longer be fooled by the garments they wear for mine eyes are open. I will look beyond the cloth and I will not be deceived.







大学是学生从象牙塔走向社会的最后一站,是社会与校园的结实纽带,合理利用大学中的时间,让自己的大学生活变得充实有梦想对将来走向社会有很大的正面效应。一起来看看大学生活的英文 演讲稿 五篇,欢迎查阅!


I was so excited when i entered the college. For so many years, I worked hard to achieve this dream and finally i made it. Everything seemed fresh and curious to me. I was so pleased that I would enjoy my college life soon.

when i was in high school, I had to study all the time and hardly had spare time to do what i wanted to.Besides, I had to focus on my textbooks and doing exercise again and again. Therefore, I had little time to read magazines and novels and watch TV. what was worse, I couldn't play with my friends a lot, which I couldn't stand the most. In a word, all i did in high shool should be considered for the College Entrance Examination. 

However, my college life is totally different from the life in high school.I can arrange my time freely. I spend most of my time reading in the library, where I can open my eyes and broaden my mind.In my free time, I also join some clubs,where i can make a lot of friends of different majors. My teachers in college are so kind and knowledgeable that they not only teach us knowledge but also how to be a person and how to get on with others. In addition, there are more opportunities for me to improve myself.

I believe college life is an important stage in my life. In college, i can learn how to learn by myself, how to get on with others, how to live independently.College provides me with a stage where i can show myself and be myself.


In my understanding, if we refer to an ideal college life as a formal western dinner, then a high GPA, that is, Grade Point Average, should be the main course, while an active part in activities, together with associations, means the appetizer. Some romances, of course, play the role as desserts. They are the 3 key elements for an ideal college life.

Those, however, are not what college life is all about. As we all know, college is wildly different from middle school. It connects not only adolescence to althood, but also the ivory tower to the real society. Therefore, the ideal college life is that I become matured both physically and mentally, and that I obtain qualified academic knowledge and get well prepared for society at the same time.

Under this circumstance, I never expect my college life to be too ideal, or you can call it too perfect. It is not realistic to make all things on my own way, with everyone liking me, winning the first prize all the time, and so on. Of course, I’d like to lead a carefree life. However, this does little good to my future. What really helps is hardships like failure, betrayal, and unjust treatment. Only after experiencing those can I know what society is like, and what life is like.

To conclude my speech, I wanna say, some positive experiences are surely part of the ideal college life. But, I should not forget about the negative sides. They are not less necessary.


Good afternoon, my dear friends.

I am very happy to meet you here.It is my great honor to communicate with you at such a special occation.First of all,please allow me to express my appreciation to you all to listion to me.

I am proud of being a college student.The collegelife is fresh,new teachers, new classmates and new friends. I like the friendship, and their wide knowledge and opening mind. The grand library, school buildings and wide playground attrattde me very much.My college life is better than I expected, I can do anything I like. In the college we can not only learn the professional knowledge,but also develop our comprehensive abilities.If we can make full use of the period,we can learn many useful things.Besides,we should have the active attitude to our life,do a contributionto the society.

Collegelife is the most precious time in our life.Most of us want to become an outstanding man. But there are some students still waste their time. They get together for eating, drinking or playing cards. They're busy in searching for a girlfriend or a boyfriend. They completely forget their task as college students.

Finally, I hope everybody can try their best to become a worthy person to our country, and make great contributions to the society!


I think every student in junior high school or even a new term the first class meeting is a "new semester new plan," the University did not expect to have such a ban would be the same. However, every freshman to the University of strange environments such as exploration in the dark. However, an early goal set for myself in the dark, lit as a beacon, a constant reminder to guide us forward.

Sister school seniors who passed before the exchange of experience, we can avoid detours. But everyone there is a separate indivial, the experience can not be completely copied, should have its own general plan. College life includes learning, work and life. Following on from the three aspects I came to my planning.

About Learning: As long as we still a student, the total should be on learning more important position.

Said freshman should be laid and compacted in the high number of basic English. Therefore, in this two subjects put more effort is acceptable. Last week the high number may be, I do feel a certain degree of difficulty, the preview before class and after school consolidation exercise is important. Hope that through their practical learning in high numbers on the Do not hang Division. Morning Reading soon began to organize, which is learning English, the best opportunity to practice oral English.

Indeed difficult to get up early, but I, as a member of the Department of Learning, I not only have to set an example for other students should have acquired in the Morning Reading in. We have classes two nights a week only, the night a lot of time should be fully utilized. Go to the library, participate in various activities that can harvest a lot of lectures!

Other courses I would like to attend a lecture class, exam take notes, exams should be no problem.

About work: every freshmen want to get a job at the university to exercise their own. I was no exception, experiencing a lot of job interviews, into the three departments. Will certainly be a little tired, a little busy, but I am full, know a lot of people, make more friends, learned a great deal of knowledge not in books. Learning to do the work of the best things correct.

About life: as born in Wuhan, is the first time I came to the University of fully independent living. From open water to the laundry to wash, to organize the House ... Everything seemed very used to. Without the help of parents and care, even nagging, autonomy back to me. More were free, were less constrained; more hard copies, far fewer care; more were lazy, far fewer urge ... but bedroom, the students have the help and concern, I also feel the general home warmth.

I believe in learning, work, find the balance between three aspects of life, go hand in hand, college life will be our life a perfect memory!

Thank you! The end of my speech!


Hello everyone.Today I'm glad to be here to give a speech about my fresh experience in China Agriculture University.

First I must say the campus life is really different from what I have experienced in high school.For instance,I used to lean upon my dormitory teacher to wake me up on time.But now I have to set several alarm clocks to make myself could hear them in the morning.otherwise,I would miss my class.

And then even worse there would be nobody remind me except my teacher!So the differences are everywhere and I could easily find them.

The change of life is great and it's wonderful:I have more time of my own and the rights to decide how I live.

My campus activities are rich and colorful.Learning English has become a habit to me cause I plan to study abroad in next few years.Playing Guzheng is my favorite activity.I have kept on practising it since I was a little girl and I wish to win more competitions in my campus life.

Our university has the first level equipments and the most experienced teachers,also has the best students(laugh).I consider it to be a honor that I've got a chance to study here and I sincerely hope that we could live wonderful lives in our campus!

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